Table Over Bed/Chair or Table with Swivel Table & Lifter help- All In One

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The Able Tray is a simple yet efficient aid that allows you to rise with ease from a seating position. The tray is attachable to a couch and is designed with a multi-use swivel tray so users can consume meals, work on a laptop or even store a few essential items close by. The tray is a perfect accessory for your living room as it blends well with furniture and you can maintain a secure and comfy home with zero hassle.

The tray features
A Support Handle which allows sitting and standing easy
A Swivel-Tray for Laptop/TV storage.
A cup holder and a utensil compartment
A tray that can be swung out of the way when not in use
An adjustable length to suit your chair
Super grip rubber pads for secure fitting while protecting floors against any damage
A comfortable design that allows you to easily fit into your furniture

Q & A

Can it fit under any couch?
Yes, because the base is adjustable, the Able Tray fits most couches.

Does it include a Swivel Tray?
Yes, the swivel-tray swings around 360 degrees, allowing you to keep handy items close by – or out of the way when not in use.

Can it fit my recliner?
Yes, the Able Tray fits recliner chairs as well…

Can it fit on lift-chairs?
Yes, adding an Able Tray can give you even more support while getting in-and-out of your chair.

Is it height adjustable?
Yes, the handle is fully height adjustable.