Step Stool with Optional Hand Rail

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This is a multipurpose Stepping Stool for all the hard-to-reach locations

  • perfect tool for children
  • elderly people
  • the disabled
  • anyone that requires a boost


Purpose & Benefits

Our Step Stool is a small, multipurpose stepping stool for all the hard-to-reach locations in your home. It is a perfect tool for children, elderly individuals, the disabled, and anyone else who needs the extra boost. The single-step stool measures 9” in height, and it can be used indoors and outdoors on any level surface.

This stool’s solid frame is extremely sturdy, so there is no risk of falling off. Each leg is reinforced with anti-skid rubber to prevent sliding or tipping while in use. The non-slip tread on the top platform is designed to provide additional security. No matter what purpose it is used for, the Clinton Step Stool T-40 is guaranteed to last for years.

No need to piece together dozens of small, individual parts. This step stool is made from a single welded frame, so no screws or rivets are necessary for assembly. It also features a sleek chrome finish that prevents scratches and rusting. This stool is easily cleaned with a damp rag and mild soap, making it an ideal fit for outdoor use.

 Stepping Stool Specifications

  • Height of Step: 23cm
  • Overall Width: 44cm
  • Overall Depth: 35.5cm
  • Step Width: 36cm
  • Step Depth: 29cm
  • Max User Weight: 160kg
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