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Invacare Cushion Matrx Libra

The Invacare Matrx Libra Cushion is designed with the highest level of skin protection, positioning and adjust-ability for unique individual needs.
The Matrx Libra is specially contoured to provide balance and stability to the pelvis, optimizing body function.
Th Matrx  Libra is recommended for all users including those at highest risk of skin breakdown.


Fluid Sac:
• Dual layer, sealed compartments for maximum protection around boney prominences.
• Non-temperature sensitive, no kneading or maintenance required.


Foam base:
• High resilience foam made with Ultra-Fresh™ anti-microbial and odor protection.
• Ab/adductor contour promotes comfortable midline leg positioning
• Pre-ischial contour prevents sliding to reduce shear
• Trochanteric shelf promotes level pelvis and lateral stability
• Waterfall front edge and extended rear cushion radius


• Moisture resistant, high stretch, breathable Startex Hook and loop fastener strips, lifting strap and convenient zippered side pocket.
• Inner platilon liner provides extra lay of moisture protection.