FILTER TRACHY THERMOVENT T PORTEX 15mm Female Connector bx50 100/570/015CZ

SKU 100/570/015CZ



“Thermovent T” is a Heat & Moisture Exchanger (HME) which captures heat and moisture on expiration and returns it to the patient in inspiration. It is suitable for spontaneously breathing patients with a tracheostomy tube.
Product Features

  • Low profile design. Ensures maximum comfort and minimal protrusion.
  • High performance, double paper element. An efficient heat and moisture exchanger to warm and humidify inspired air, reducing the risk of tube blockage from encrustations, with minimal resistance to flow.
  • Lightweight. Minimises the drag on the tracheostomy tube.
  • Easily accomodates Thermovent 02 (100/575).
  • Convenient oxygen delivery.
  • Full compatibility with breathing systems.
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