Filter Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Tracheolife 11 Box25

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Filter Heat Moisture Exchange (HME) Tracheolife 11 Box25

Tracheolife II is a particularly compact and lightweight single use HME device for tracheostomy. Its design, together with some innovative technical solutions, allows the combination of high humidification efficiency with long term effectiveness.

A small collection chamber has been created into which sputum – within physiological limits – deposits without compromising functionality. To make the use of Tracheolife II even more advantageous, a central port has been fitted, through which suctioning, and sampling may be performed without removing the device, maintaining humidification activity at all times. The heat and moisture exchange element is made of cellulose, and thanks to the special production process the active exchange surface is over 500 cm and humidification of all inspired gases.