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CoaguChek XS PT Test Strips are used with Roche INR Test Meters to examine patient response to warfarin, a blod thinner prescribed to prevent and treat blod clots.

  • These Roche coaguchek xs test strips require a minimal blod sample in order to obtain a result.
  • The test strips gives accurate anticoagulation results in less than a minute. The sample of blod can be applied to the test strips on either side.

The test strip is inserted into the test meter, and then a medical pricking needle (a lancet) is used to obtain blod which is applied to the test strip. The meter reads the test strip, measures how long it takes the blod to clot, and provides the result based on a standardized calculation in the form of the International Normalized Ratio, or INR. The INR is used by patients and physicians to determine if warfarin dosing is appropriate.

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