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Aquacel Ag+ Extra 10cmx10cm EACH

Enhanced Hydrofiber dressing with Silver to absorb high amounts of wound fluid and bacteria and creates a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface, maintains a moist enviroments and aids in the removal of non-viable tissue from the wound.

Ingredient / Content
Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose impregnated with 1.2% ionic silver, Ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid di-sodium salt (EDTA), Benzethonium chloride (BeCl), Regenerated cellulose fibre
How To Use

Before applying the dressing, cleanse the wound area with an appropiate wound cleanser. The dressing should overlap at least 1cm onto the skin surrounding the wound. When using this dressing in deep wounds, only fill the wound up to 80%, as this dressing will expand to fill the wound space on contact with wound fluid. For dry wounds, place the dressing on the wound and wet with sterile saline over the wound area only.

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