Abdominal Binders Large 110 – 155cm x 22.5 cm width/height




Abdominal Binders

Abdominal Binders are ideally designed to provide support and compression to the ribs, abdomen or lumbar area postoperatively or post injury.

Abdominal binders are manufactured from heavy grade elastic and are a fully adjustable one-piece system.
The Abdominal Binders have a hook & loop closure system.

The complete range of Abdominal Binders are 100% Australian Made.

Our Abdominal Binders are Support Rated – FIRM CONTROL

Proudly Australian Made and Latex Free


Measure around the patient’s torso in a supine position with a tape measure and select the most appropriate size based on our product brochure attached

Position the support around the patient with the hook & loop tape closure at the front.

The label should be used as a guide to indicate the top of the support. Ensure that the support is firm and comfortable while the patient is standing as well as seated.    

Code      Width / Height  Size   Fitted Waist Measurement
SM830* 15cm Medium 75 – 112cm
SM831* 15cm Large 110 – 155cm
SM829 22.5cm Small 60 – 90cm
SM832 22.5cm Medium 75 – 112cm
SM833 22.5cm Large 110 – 155cm
SM837 22.5cm Xlarge 145 – 170cm
SM834 30cm Medium 75 – 112cm
SM835 30cm Large 110 – 155cm
SM836 30cm Xlarge 145 – 170cm

*The 15cm abdominal binder is also suitable for use as a rib binder

Available width sizes

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